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The People

Bayernmoor FamilyThe Family

The story of Bayernmoor Cellars is one enriched by family and a passion for beautiful wines. 

Kim and Larry Harris met at Santa Clara Law School in California, spending countless weekends visiting Napa and Sonoma County where together, they fell in love with wine.  After several years of living and working in San Francisco, Kim and Larry moved to the greater Seattle area to raise a family, and began dreaming of passing down the 100+ acre property owned by Kim’s parents to future generations.  To make that dream a reality, they knew the land must produce something. Inspired by their shared love of wine, the plans for a sustainable vineyard began.  After years of working closely with Washington State University’s Viticulture department to verify that the property is an ideal microclimate for Pinot Noir, Kim and Larry initially planted 1.5  acres of vines, followed by an additional 4 acres and plan to continue expanding the vineyard over the next few years.

To ensure the land remains sustainable and fertile for future generations, Kim and Larry implement old world and sustainable farming methods, as well as advances in farming practices that increase the productivity and health of the vineyard.  Inspired by the vision of a vineyard nurtured by hand, the estate has grown in vitality each year as the family works just as hard for the land, as the land does for them.  The Harris daughters, Maddie and Sophie, carry on this ideology of working the land, harvesting by hand alongside their parents each October, crushing fruit, and cultivating the estate gardens with help from the loyal vineyard dogs, Buster and Daisy.

Kim and Larry are working to reshape the reputation of the Puget Sound AVA as a grape growing region, on a mission to produce world class wines that showcase the natural beauty of fruit and the unique terroir of the Pacific Northwest.  They take great pleasure in the surprise and delight of people who had no idea wine this amazing could be grown and produced in the Puget Sound.

In addition to Pinot Noir, Kim and Larry produce a variety of award winning wines with grapes sourced from the top vineyards of Washington State, always striving to craft outstanding wines that showcase the flavors of each vineyard’s unique terroir. Blending the best of the old with the best of the new, they are creating something truly spectacular.

Join us as we experience Bayernmoor’s growth in the years to come!



Brian Carter

A well known icon in the wine industry, Brian Carter has been a mentor and supporter from the beginning of Kim and Larry’s winemaking journey, and continues to be a source of expansive knowledge and networking opportunities.  His minimalistic and traditional winemaking style made him a perfect choice for consulting through the early years of Bayernmoor’s production.  We are honored to enjoy a close relationship with this figurehead of world class wines.