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November 14, 2019 | General | Bayernmoor Cellars

Two Distinct Pinot Noirs, Two Thanksgiving Recipes

Two Distinct Pinot Noirs

This time of year really gives practitioners of food and wine pairing some great opportunities to show off their skills. There will be plenty of dinners with family and friends coming up where we can prepare our favorite recipes and share our favorite wines.

Two Distinct Pinot Noirs, Two Thanksgiving Recipes

While some meals may require a fair amount of thought when it comes to wine pairing, Thanksgiving is a relatively easy call. Turkey and Pinot Noir are a match made in heaven. Not to mention all of the traditional sides that pair well with it. The earthiness of the roasted vegetables and sweet potatoes, the herbaceous flavors of the stuffing, and the tartness of the cranberry sauce all match up perfectly with the flavor profile of Pinot Noir.

Check out our new Recipes page to view these two specific turkey recipes that pair beautifully with each of our bottles of Pinot Noir; A brined and roasted turkey to pair with our Estate Pinot Noir and a cajun turkey that matches up with our Washington State Pinot.


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